10 07 2011

Why do people always think that when they go to a casino they have a chance of winning?. When I go, I think to myself how today is going to be my lucky day. But, it wasn’t the case as it never is.

I went up 50 bucks at first and then should’ve cut out, but the temptation to gamble overcame me. The tides then turned on me and I rolled downhill. From poker to blackjack, I lost my 50 bucks and then lost another 70. Wooo money flies at these casinos and plus its so hard to win.

I never wanna go back!!!


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First day!

7 07 2011

Lesson #1

Always look at the street signs when you park your car. Today, I didn’t do that. It cost me 68 bucks. Not that bad, but any money lost always hurts.


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Hello world!

7 07 2011

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